Essence gives real form to projects that improve everyday living by maximising functionality.



Invisible frameless door.

Designed by the Research and Development department of GD Dorigo, ETEREA is the frameless door collection created to perfectly integrate with the ambience where it will be placed, as to make it invisible.

Create your customized door choosing among the available materials, inserts, door frames, glasses and handles.


Interior doors embellished by decorative elements.

The aesthetic result of the inlays is due to the craftsman’s skill and to the fine engineering work. The precious crafting of the fine essences underlines the warmth of the wood, giving value to each door which is unique and distinctive. The delicacy and value of the essences make each ambience refined. IMAGO is the inlaid interior door that originates from an artisan’s idea, for a classic timeless space.


Doors decorated by pantograph in delicate colors.

The rigour and sobriety of the plain wood doors perfectly combine with the traditional style of the classic doors.

VENUS collection is characterized by a wide range of drawings and colours, useful for a furnishings style alert to details and always in search of new ideas. Thanks to the geometry of the pantograph work and engravings, several different meanings can be given to the door, making it suitable both for traditional styles and for a more modern interior decoration.


The liberty to change preserving the classic style.

With ORION collection, thanks to a patented system of interchangeable panels and glasses on blockboard supporting structure, it is possible to create the solution that you desire.

The simple lines, combined with prestigious essences and finishes, make the doors of this collection suitable for important ambiences giving to the house a distinctive style.


Minimal and fascinating interior laminate doors.

The plain interior laminate doors of PEGASO collection are characterized by simple and clean lines making them excellent furnishings elements both for modern and classic ambiences. The softness to the touch and the elegant finishings make these doors fascinating and unique of their kind.


Interior laminate doors with aluminium details.

Thanks to a clean and refined design, the interior laminate doors of MEDUSA collection are suitable for any use. The elegant aluminium details are perfect in combination with the simplicity of the lines, making the doors of this collection the excellent choice for any type of ambiences.


Interior laminate doors with a refined design.

A collection of modular laminate doors with a refined design that blend profiles of the past with modern technologies. ZEUS collection represents the right balance between tradition and innovation, thanks to the modern interpretation of classic styles enriched by aluminium details, coloured parts or glasses.



Interior doors in classic style of handcrafted inspiration.

The ATLANTE collection is inspired by the handcrafted doors of the past but it is realized with innovative materials. Interior laminate doors in classic style to characterize traditional, warm and expressive ambiences. The charm of the past meets the practicality and the resistance of the wood doors and expresses itself with contemporary finishes.


Interior doors of oriental style, created by Giugiaro Design.

A project with aesthetic revolutionary contains, that concentrates the refinement and the elegance of the oriental tradition into sharp and intense marks, with extraordinary formal discipline. The technical value is expressed in the doors through the innovative use of aluminium, which is represented in its natural brightness in combination with wood and lacquered colours. Graphic essential motifs related to the oriental tradition that refers to symbolic themes, harmonized by GD Dorigo technicians according to industrialization demands.


Interior door designed by Raimondo Sandri.

As in an art gallery, a journey designed on the doors, and depicted by Raimondo Sandri tells us about the house.

The images, exclusively handmade, represent the notes of a tour started through the rooms of a house, with figures and shapes that foresee the world we will discover behind every door.