Essence gives real form to projects that improve everyday living by maximising functionality.

The image of the kitchen is expressed by taking maximum advantage of Essence’s design potential. The transition from compact to designed configurations enables you to go beyond the idea of a “model” to give rise to an innovative appearance in which the relationship between form and function is interpreted as the surmounting of standards.





The expressive force of glass in different chromatic solutions and matt and glossy finish characterizes this project, which rises to the most demanding aesthetic and functional challenges with concrete and elegant responses. Absolutely new, the wood that enriches and gives uniqueness to the door.
Ri-flex uses the ShellSystem for opening, which is the evolution of “shell” constructional systems.

Oyster Decorativo

Oyster Decorativo – a natural evolution in which an already-successful design concept is still further enhanced in terms of form and function. There are two main innovative features: the surfaces – which are no longer polished or merely semi-matt, are made even more eye-catching by the use of new materials and a thermostructuring process which gives the user a pleasingly natural sensation. The ShellSystem structure, which was previously used only horizontally, to create handgrips for the doors on the base units, has now been extended vertically to the columns.


A kitchen that makes minimalism its trump card, offering a new solution for functionality requirements. Its outstanding features include its pure flat door, the up-to-date feel of the wood, the brilliant glow of modernity in the gloss lacquers, the futuristic elegance of the matte lacquers and the ShellSystem structure, a revolutionary “shell-type” construction system.


Wood as the hallmark trait of a range that walks the cutting edge of design without sacrificing spontaneity. Dedicated to the more demanding, who seek the combination of wood finishes with matte and gloss lacquers.


Ethica Decorativo- the latest evolution of one of Veneta Cucine’s most successful models. A fresh look based on today’s new focus on the excellent quality of the surfaces, which are produced using a special thermostructuring process for a truly natural effect. Our range is moving stedily towards the living area, with new solutions that finally break down the barriers between the kitchen and the living-room, bringing both areas together in coordinated compositions that are attractive and highly functional.

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