Essence gives real form to projects that improve everyday living by maximising functionality.



Collection of wood panelled doors, coordinated by design at the doors of the Seven line. Always custom-made these furniture doors represent an element of coherence within the living spaces.


The Luce interior door collection is characterized by a clean and essential design door, aesthetically elegant, minimal thanks to the side uprights only. Its technical specifications make it suitable for sliding installation even in contexts that are not usually suitable.


The Pandora collection is characterized by interior doors with hollow carved graphics, geometric lines that line the door.

Cantilevered geometric volumes, a few millimeters thick for a very suggestive effect of light and shadow.


The furniture doors of the Tineo collection are distinguished by the countless finishes, which make the opening of the room not only a practical element, but also a design door. The door panels are in smooth, recessed or engraved wood. Mounted on a case frame or flush with the wall, in push or pull version.