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Veneta Cucine

Leeby is a professional design company that stimulates creative inspiration, respect distinctive design and always regard teamwork first. Leeby committed to a bilateral-path development of artistic interior design and furnishing art, adhering to the spirit of ‘starting with details, leading to art’. During last visit in China, Veneta Cucine Staff met Racy Pai, the Furnishings […]Categoria: Veneta Link

Buy Phentermine 37.5 Diet Pills

Veneta Cucine

Zuri is the project that won Design Thinking Competition, organized by Fino & Sons and by Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology. Zuri, project of designers Kirsten Camilleri and Christine Ellul, is a kitchen that incorporates a dining area, a living area and a sleeping area. This was designed as a proposed solution to […]Categoria: Veneta Link

Buy Phentermine 30 Mg Fastin

Veneta Cucine

Veneta Cucine presents its new communication campaign, which extends the “Progetti di Vita” (Projects of Life) topic of the previous commercial. The heart of the story is still good living, also in your kitchen. The creative idea comes from the concept “Nobody knows you as well as your kitchen, because Veneta Cucine designs for you, your life and your projects”.Categoria: Corporate news

Phentermine Uk Buy Online

Veneta Cucine

Once again Veneta Cucine offered its best at the event held in Moscow in October: the Saloni Worldwide trade fair.
The event, which ended on October 19th, hosted 557 exhibitors, of which 494 from Italy, and over 43,000 visitors amongst professionals of the sector and journalists.
The Veneta Cucine stand, with its particularly well-finished details, attracted the attention of the majority of visitors, which had the chance to admire the top products designed for the Russian market, such as, for instance, Mirabeau, Ca’ Veneta and Oyster in the glossy bamboo version.Categoria: Fairs

Phentermine Adipex Buy Online

Veneta Cucine

The economic vision focused on the ‘universal’ standard is now running out, undermining the concept of the flat identity, the scale economy, the infinite repeatability as a competitive advantage . The strength of the global market will then be manifested by those who can produce exceptions, unique experiences able to face the difficult challenge of […]Categoria: Veneta Link

Where Can I Buy Phentermine Hcl 37.5Mg

Veneta Cucine

Andrea Pitari, ‘historic’ photographer of Veneta Cucine, is one of four photographers who took the pictures for the catalogue Quick Design. “Photographing Veneta Cucine allows me to merge the concreteness of description with the story of the emotions experienced in those environments.” This sentence sums up his photographic experience about Quick Design. “This time the […]Categoria: Veneta Link

Venetacucine - Logo


Ready to take it a step further? Let’s start talking about your project or idea and find out how we can help you.

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Want to join the fastest growing Italian Kitchen manufacturer and supplier? Inquire below on how you can become a distributer of Veneta Cucine Kitchens, products and services.