Veneta Cucine’s success is built on the foundation of quality, affordability and beauty. Utilizing the latest CAD software, we will create the kitchen of your dreams and present it in a virtual walkthrough. Thanks to our long-running history you can rest assured that the highest quality is guaranteed.

Veneta Cucine has achieved international status with its brand and is now a leader in Italy and a benchmark for those in Europe and the world who choose “Made in Italy.” Backed up by a highly developed business sense, Veneta Cucine manages an extraordinarily wide-ranging production with high quality standards, which incorporates the latest technologies and the most skilled forms of craftsmanship. Reliability and beauty are the values that distinguish a range divided into areas of style that look to the most recent aesthetic forms and evolved functions while remaining true to the heritage of traditional quality.

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BBS® Bacteria Blocker Silverguard is the result of advanced, long-term research into sanitizing with treatments containing precious metals. Of these, silver has proved to be the most effective, ever since  ancient times.
Today, highly advanced technologies are used to transform this precious metal into nanoparticles that are applied to surfaces, where silver ions are then released.
The ions destroy the cell walls of microbes, disrupt their metabolism and prevent them from reproducing.
In other words, the bacteria are first made harmless, and then prevented from proliferating, so that they disappear completely from surfaces in contact with foods and from laminate countertops in the kitchen.

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Veneta Cucine has been awarded ISO 9001 CERTIFICATION issued by the prestigious Tüv institute of Germany, which shows that our organizational and production procedures comply with the quality standards of an increasingly demanding market.
The company has also obtained ISO 14001 CERTIFICATION, thus demonstrating its commitment to environmental preservation and the correct use of natural resources.

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Veneta Cucine is committed to projects that are projects for living in the broadest sense of the term, and a tribute to sustainability.
We employ 100% recycled wood composites for the elements that make up our kitchens, as well as materials that do not create environmental imbalance.
Also, we use production methods such as continuous-cycle water-based painting with extremely low emissions of harmful substances.
Underlying the company’s policies is GREEN THINKING, an ecological philosophy behind innovations which not only enhance the functionality of our products, but also help reduce pollution and protect the user’s health.

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The wide range of internal accessories, devices and fittings, all designed to be sturdy and practical, make Veneta Cucine’s products even more reliable and durable.
And in addition to this,  ergonomically-designed opening/closing systems are a feature of each module and many of the elements which make up the kitchen composition, which means that those actions that we perform so many times each day are as simple and as safe as possible.


  • Veneta Cucine - Mobile Showroom
  • Veneta Cucine - Mobile Showroom

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